Results, after one year and a half, 6 of sept. 2009

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6.sept.2008 Results, after more than 1000 clicks on the main page of this survey:

. How quick can you write an ISI paper with Haskell ?

   * One day using Haskell        565
   * One week using Haskell       479
   * One month using Haskell      334
   * One semester using Haskell   341
   * One year using Haskell       365

. How quick can you write an ISI paper without Haskell ?

   * One day without Haskell       396 
   * One week without Haskell      313
   * One month without Haskell     319
   * One semester without Haskell  311
   * One year without Haskell      322

The main results are, now, the same as in december :

1) Haskell seems to be a RAPID RESEARCH TOOL. So you are encouraged to write mathematical part of your papers in Haskell, or to make research using Haskell.

2) Comparing the results: looks like 160 more users will become able to write an ISI paper in one day, if they have studied Haskell ! It means almost a + 50% ! Somehow, without Haskell, people did not know, precisely, how quick can an ISI paper be produced.

Conclusion: Or you reject Haskell and,probably, you will need nowbody knows how many time to produce an ISI paper (without Haskell). Or you agree to use Haskell and your productivity will dramatically increase, and, you will be able to write an ISI classified paper in LESS THAN A WEEK and, maybe, in ONE DAY. Why not ?