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How to install hsSDL2 on a Windows computer

Download and unpack the SDL2 development libraries (the .tar.gz files with mingw in the name) from:

Copy the bin, lib, include and share directories from the packages to a common directory, like C:\Libraries. If you downloaded SDL 2.0.3, replace the header file include/SDL_platform.h with the debugged version

Set environment variables like this:

  • To help consistency in the environment variables, we first do:
 Set LIBRARY_DIR=C:\Libraries
  • then:

If you don't have git yet, install it. Go to a directory where you want the Haskell library source code installed and fetch the Haskell libraries:

 git clone
 git clone
 git clone
 git clone

If you want to use a cabal sandbox:

 cabal sandbox init

Install the Haskell packages:

 cabal install .\hsSDL2
 cabal install .\hs-sdl2-image
 cabal install .\hsSDL2-ttf
 cabal install .\hs-sdl2-mixer

If you get any of the messages:

 cabal: Missing dependency on a foreign library:
 * Missing (or bad) header file: SDL_mixer.h
 configure: error: *** SDL not found! Get SDL from

you should check if all installation steps were done properly.