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Is XHB really what the X11 section is about. Isn’t the X11 section about some classical X11 binding, not the XHB thing? Because I think, it is, I’ve removed the link to XHB.

If you think, I’m wrong then re-add it please. Otherwise maybe create a new section for XHB or do whatever fits.

-- Wolfgang Jeltsch 14:04, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

I don't believe it leaves a particularly good impression if new haskell users come here and the first ten libraries they click on are dead or dying and the really big and well-maintained libraries hide between the last remnants of a research paper. I have tried to look through the documentation (if still available) and tried to reclassify them. It would be nice to get comments and corrections. I won't replace the original page myself, since I am no real expert and would like to at least get a second opinion. Feel free to correct factual, spelling and grammar mistakes ... and any others you might find ;).

  • Gtk2Hs and wxHaskell - If you want a working program that will still work in 5 years, use these.
  • HTk - still recent and reasonably mature, but officially "orphanware", i.e. no longer actively developed.
  • Grapefruit - seems to be actively developed and already quite well documented, still in the very early stages though
  • proof of concepts, might develop into something big, might not:
    • GuiTV - closely tied to Phooey
    • Phooey
    • WxGeneric - successor of Autoforms
    • HQK - qt binding
    • qtHaskell - qt binding
  • officially abandoned:
    • Gtk+Hs - use Gtk2Hs instead
    • iHaskell - based on Gtk+Hs
    • Autoforms - use WxGeneric instead
  • not updated for at least 3 years:
    • ObjectIO - windows only
    • HToolKit - can't find a lot of infos, something about HSQL
    • FunctionalForms
    • Fudgets
    • FG
  • long gone (> 6 years):
    • Pidgets - cannot find anything but a reference to a 13 year old paper.
    • Haggis really old
    • Gadgets - no info available
    • Embracing Windows - the oldest one I could find
    • Budgets () - all links are down
    • TclHaskell - really old
    • Fruit - seemingly abandoned research project
    • FranTK - really old
    • wxFruit - no official site, there used to exist a few forks, couldn't find anything except a new hackage upload of a very old version
  • others:
    • HGL (6 years) - graphics library, no GUI!
    • GLFW - not a GUI, this is a replacement for GLUT
  • Not enough info available:
    • nanocurses
    • hscurses
    • win32
    • x11