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Fast, scalable, mutable dynamic arrays, maps and hashes
texmath 0.1.1
Conversion of LaTeX math formulas to MathML.
OpenGL fractal renderer
checkers 0.2.2
Check properties on standard classes and data structures.
bindings 0.1.2
Deprecated package.
bindings-libusb 1.0
Low level bindings to libusb.
bindings-posix 1.0
Low level bindings to posix.
bindings-common 1.0
Support package for low-level FFI.
uuagc 0.9.11
Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht
An EDSL for creating simple diagrams
curry-frontend 0.2.4
Compile the functional logic language Curry to several intermediate formats
curry-base 0.2.4
Functions for manipulating Curry programs
usb-id-database 0.3
A database of USB identifiers
epoll 0.2
epoll bindings
NetSNMP 0.1.1
Bindings for net-snmp's C API for clients
hsemail-ns 1.3.2
Internet Message Parsers
Workflow 0.5.5
library for transparent execution of interruptible computations