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A small, efficient and portable regex library for Perl 5 compatible regular expressions
ldif 0.0.5
The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) parser
concurrent-extra 0.3.1
Extra concurrency primitives
hurdle 0.4.0
Extract function names from Windows DLLs.
GtkTV 0.1.4
Gtk-based GUIs for Tangible Values
bamboo-launcher 2010.2.25
bamboo-theme-blueprint 2010.2.25.1
bamboo blueprint theme
yuuko 2010.1.23
A transcendental HTML parser gently wrapping the HXT library
scons2dot 0.9
Generates graphviz file of scons dependency information
bamboo 2010.2.25
A blog engine on Hack
hack-contrib 2010.2.25
Hack contrib
mps 2010.2.25
simply oo
HCodecs 0.2
A library to read, write and manipulate MIDI, WAVE, and SoundFont2 files.
syntax-trees 0.1
Convert between different Haskell syntax trees.
hmatrix-glpk 0.1.0
Linear Programming based on GLPK
formlets-hsp 2.2.3
HSP support for Formlets
HJScript 0.4.9
HJScript is a Haskell EDSL for writing JavaScript programs.
powerpc 0.0.0
Tools for PowerPC programs.
PostgreSQL driver for HDBC