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hashmap 0.9.0
Persistent HashMap with API of an IntMap.
Data-Rope 0.2
Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings.
mps 2010.5.29
simply oo
monoid-owns 2010.5.29
a practical monoid implementation
ghc-core 0.5.4
Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager
A flexible record system
Emulation of type-level functions
Emulation of subkinds and subkind polymorphism
graphmod 1.2.1
Present the module dependencies of a program as a "dot" graph.
xml 1.3.7
A simple XML library.
bein 0.3.3
Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics.
haskell-cnc 0.1.2
Library for parallel programming in the Intel Concurrent Collections paradigm.
attoparsec-iteratee 0.1.1
An adapter to convert attoparsec Parsers into blazing-fast Iteratees
sifflet 0.1.6
A simple, visual, functional programming language.
First class accessor labels.
language-asn1 0.2.1
Parsing of ASN1 definitions
hdaemonize 0.4
Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX