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monoids 0.1.28
Monoids, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework
core 0.4
External core parser and pretty printer.
husky 0.4
A simple command line calculator.
vacuum 0.0.8
Extract graph representations of ghc heap values.
Vec 0.9.6
Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra.
buster 0.99.5
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
FTGL 1.333
Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the Freetype2 library
traced 2009.4.3
Simple evaluation trace
GenI 0.17.3
A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser)
hledger 0.4
A ledger-compatible text-based accounting tool.
fad 1.0
Forward Automatic Differentiation.
hgettext 0.1.5
Bindings to libintl.h (gettext, bindtextdomain)
Visualize Haskell data structures using vacuum and Ubigraph
ranges 0.2
Ranges and various functions on them.