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idna 0.1
Implements IDNA (RFC 3490).
queuelike 1.0.6
A library of queuelike data structures, both functional and stateful.
tree-monad 0.2
Non-Determinism Monad for Tree Search
Typeable for polymorphic types.
core 0.5
External core parser and pretty printer.
stringprep 0.1.2
Implements the "StringPrep" algorithm
uulib 0.9.10
Haskell Utrecht Tools Library
SHA 1.4.0
Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions
ranges 0.2.2
Ranges and various functions on them.
HCard 0.0
A library for implementing a Deck of Cards
tcp 0.0.2
A purely functional TCP implementation
pointfree 1.0.3
Pointfree refactoring tool
buster 0.99.7
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
parallel-tree-search 0.4
Parallel Tree Search
unboxed-containers 0.0.2
Self-optimizing unboxed sets using view patterns and data families
vacuum 0.0.91
Extract graph representations of ghc heap values.