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Task prioritization.
numeric-prelude 0.1
An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classes
buster-network 1.1
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
Hieroglyph 2.0
Purely functional 2D drawing
buster-gtk 1.0
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
buster 1.0
Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
simple-sessions 0.1.1
A simple implementation of session types
synchronous-channels 0.1
Synchronous communication channels
monadiccp 0.5.1
Constraint Programming
Operads 0.6
Groebner basis computation for Operads.
MazesOfMonad 1.0.1
Console-based Role Playing Game
hack-handler-kibro 2009.4.51
Hack Kibro handler
hack-handler-happstack 2009.4.51.1
Hyena Kibro handler
pointedlist 0.3.3
A zipper-like comonad which works as a list, tracking a position.
hack-handler-hyena 2009.4.51
Hyena hack handler
hack 2009.4.51
a sexy Haskell Webserver Interface