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hprotoc 1.5.0
Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications
protocol-buffers-descriptor 1.5.0
Text.DescriptorProto.Options and Google Protocol Buffer specifications
protocol-buffers 1.5.0
Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications
procrastinating-structure 1.0.1
Pure structures that can be incrementally created

in impure code

CUI FTP client like 'ftp', 'ncftp'
pgm 0.1.1
Pure Haskell implementation of PGM image format
bindings-libffi 0.0.2
Check bindings-common package for directions.
pretty-show 1.1
Tools for working with derived Show instances.
nemesis 2009.6.14.3
a rake like task management tool
hledger 0.6
A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.
HaskellForMaths 0.1.3
Added by DavidAmos, Sat Jun 13 19:45:54 UTC 2009.
historian 0.0.1
Extract the interesting bits from shell history
hunp 0.0
Unpacker tool with DWIM