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cabal2arch 0.5.3
Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages
An interface to the philosophical and metaphysical "now"
uacpid 0.0.3
Userspace Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

event daemon

Generic finger-tree structure, with example instances
json2yaml 0.0.0
Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format.
hsc3-process 0.1.2
Create and control scsynth processes
hack 2009.7.15
a Haskell Webserver Interface
shelltestrunner 0.6
A tool for testing command-line programs.
generator 0.5.1
A list monad transformer and related functions.
a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
hashed-storage 0.3.6
Hashed file storage support code.
mmap 0.4
Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows
A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool)
yi 0.6.1
The Haskell-Scriptable Editor