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cautious-file 0.1.1
Ways to write a file cautiously, to reduce the chances of problems such as data loss due to crashes or power failures
Faster Haskell lists using stream fusion
HStringTemplate 0.6
StringTemplate implementation in Haskell.
hoogle 4.0.7
Haskell API Search
ivor 0.1.9
Theorem proving library based on dependent type theory
persistent-map 0.2.2
A thread-safe interface for finite map types with optional persistency support.
sendfile 0.4
A portable sendfile library
swish 0.2.1
A semantic web toolkit.
first-class-patterns 0.1.0
First class patterns and pattern matching, using type families
pandoc 1.2.1
Conversion between markup formats
fsmActions 0.2.0
Finite state machines and FSM actions
HXQ 0.17.2
A Compiler from XQuery to Haskell
graphviz 2999.0.0.0
GraphViz wrapper for Haskell.
network-multicast 0.0.4
Simple multicast library
memcached 0.1.2
haskell bindings for memcached
toilet 0.0.1
Manage the toilet queue at the IMO
A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool)
time 1.1.4
A time library
mmap 0.4.1
Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows