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Omega 0.2.0
Operations on Presburger arithmetic formulae
A command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell.
Parallel programming library
gnome-keyring 0.2.1
Bindings for libgnome-keyring
Fully evaluate data structures
haha 0.3.1
A simple library for creating animated ascii art on ANSI terminals.
happstack-helpers 0.44
Convenience functions for Happstack.
HSHHelpers 0.21
Convenience functions that use HSH, instances for HSH.
hcc 0.0.0
A toy C compiler.
randsolid 0.1
Set the background of your root window to a random colour.
hesql 0.5
Haskell's embedded SQL
Event-graph simulation monad transformer
random-fu 0.0.3
Random number generation
priority-queue 0.2
Simple implementation of a priority queue.
stateref 0.3
Abstraction for things that work like IORef.
astview 0.1.4
A GTK-based abstract syntax tree viewer for custom

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