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hakyll 0.1
A simple static site generator library.
syb-with-class 0.6
Scrap Your Boilerplate With Class
starling 0.1.1
A memcached client
data-aviary 0.2.1
Combinator birds.
dequeue 0.1.4
A typeclass and an implementation for double-ended queues.
arbtt 0.4.4
Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker
elerea-examples 1.2.0
Example applications for Elerea
elerea 1.2.1
A minimalistic FRP library
HaXml 1.20
Utilities for manipulating XML documents
uri 0.1.1
Library for working with URIs
monadLib 3.6.1
A collection of monad transformers.
bitmap 0.0.1
A library for handling and manipulating bitmaps.
error-message 1.0.1
Composable error messages.
addLicenseInfo 0.1
Adds license info to the top of a file.
vector 0.4.2
Efficient Arrays
atom 0.1.3
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.
matsuri 0.0.4
ncurses XMPP client