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Lucu 0.4.1
HTTP Daemonic Library
criterion 0.4.0
Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis
text 0.6
An efficient packed Unicode text type
nimber 0.1.1
An implementation of (finite) nimbers
OpenVG 0.3.0
OpenVG (shivag-0.2.1) binding
Multiple-read / single-write locks
XML property list parser
bindings-gpgme 0.1.1
Low level bindings to gpgme.
Linear algebra and numerical computations
polyparse 1.4
A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries.
SHA2 0.1.0
Fast, incremental SHA hashing for bytestrings
Monocle 0.0.2
Symbolic computations in strict monoidal categories with LaTeX output.
usb-safe 0.3
Wrapper around the usb package adding extra type-safety
AES 0.2.1
Fast AES encryption/decryption for bytestrings
hmatrix-static 0.2
hmatrix with vector and matrix sizes encoded in types