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EditTimeReport 1.0
Query language and report generator for edit logs.
vacuum-opengl 0.0.3
Visualize live Haskell data structures using vacuum, graphviz and OpenGL.
hakyll 1.0.1
A simple static site generator library.
derive 2.3.0
A program and library to derive instances for data types
fft 0.1.6
Bindings to the FFTW library.
carray 0.1.5
A C-compatible array library.
storable-complex 0.2.1
Storable instance for Complex
pointless-lenses 0.0.3
Pointless Lenses library
HaXml 1.20.2
Utilities for manipulating XML documents
unix-io-extra 0.1
Support for writev, pwrite and pread.
haxr-th 3000.5
Automatic deriving of XML-RPC structs for Haskell records.
haxr 3000.5
XML-RPC client and server library.
afv 0.0.1
Model checking Atom generated C.
hesql 0.8
Haskell's embedded SQL
a monad for protocol-typed network programming
hssqlppp 0.1.0
Sql parser and type checker
uu-parsinglib 2.3.1
New version of the Utrecht University parser combinator library