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zeromq-haskell 0.1
bindings to zeromq
hlint 1.6.16
Source code suggestions
regional-pointers 0.1
Regional memory pointers
safer-file-handles 0.3
Type-safe file handling
usb-safe 0.5.1
Type-safe communication with USB devices.
regions-monadstf 0.3
Monads-tf instances for the RegionT monad transformer
regions-monadsfd 0.3
Monads-fd instances for the RegionT monad transformer
regions 0.3
Provides the region monad for safely opening and working with

scarce resources.

explicit-iomodes 0.2
File handles with explicit IOModes
uniplate 1.5
Help writing simple, consise and fast generic operations.
full-sessions 0.6.2
a monad for protocol-typed network programming
datetime 0.2
Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use.
hpuz 1.0.3
Haskell bindings for libpuz
GPX 0.4.7
Parse GPX files
IcoGrid 0.1.2
Library for generating grids of hexagons and pentagons mapped to a sphere.
GlomeVec 0.1.2
Simple 3D vector library
Interface for versioning file stores.
highlighting-kate 0.2.6
Syntax highlighting