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test-framework-quickcheck2 0.2.5
QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package.
HsOpenSSL 0.7
(Incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskell
uniplate 1.5.1
Help writing simple, concise and fast generic operations.
hircules 0.3.93
IRC client
GlomeTrace 0.1.2
Ray Tracing Library
hsql-postgresql 1.8.1
A Haskell Interface to PostgreSQL via the PQ library.
hsql 1.8.1
Simple library for database access from Haskell.
hebrew-time 0.0.1
Hebrew dates and prayer times.
Generate and parse Mac OX property list format
zeromq-haskell 0.1.1
bindings to zeromq
hlint 1.6.16
Source code suggestions
regional-pointers 0.1
Regional memory pointers
safer-file-handles 0.3
Type-safe file handling
usb-safe 0.5.1
Type-safe communication with USB devices.
regions-monadstf 0.3
Monads-tf instances for the RegionT monad transformer
regions-monadsfd 0.3
Monads-fd instances for the RegionT monad transformer
regions 0.3
Provides the region monad for safely opening and working with

scarce resources.

explicit-iomodes 0.2
File handles with explicit IOModes