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dequeue 0.1.5
A typeclass and an implementation for double-ended queues.
cgi 3001.1.7.2
A library for writing CGI programs
joinlist 0.3.0
Join list - symmetric list type
NonEmptyList 0.0.1
A list with a length of at least one.
wyvern 0.1
An autoresponder for Dragon Go Server.
sgf 0.1.1
SGF (Smart Game Format) parser
dgs 0.2
Haskell front-end for DGS' bot interface
randsolid 0.2
Set the background of your root window to a random colour.
binary-strict 0.4.8
Binary deserialisation using strict ByteStrings
Encode 1.3.1
Encoding character data
wikipedia4epub 0.0.4
Wikipedia EPUB E-Book construction from Firefox history.
atom 1.0.0
A DSL for embedded hard realtime applications.
shoap 0.1
A very basic SOAP package
Large utility library
hledger 0.8
A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.
hs-gchart 0.3
Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API
The Haskore Computer Music System
Vec 0.9.7
Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra.
uuagc 0.9.14
Attribute Grammar System of Universiteit Utrecht