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vector-binary-instances 0.1.2
Instances of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector
multiset-comb 0.1
Combinatorial operations on multisets
vector-random 0.1
Generate vectors filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers
hack-handler-epoll 0.1.3
hack handler implementation using epoll
minimung 0.1
Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X
NineP 0.0.1
9P2000 in pure Haskell
statistics-fusion 1.0.1
An implementation of high performance, minimal statistics functions
HaskellTorrent 0.0
A concurrent bittorrent client
hexpat 0.12
wrapper for expat, the fast XML parser
vector-mmap 0.0.2
Memory map immutable and mutable vectors
HaskellForMaths 0.2.1
Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra
RSA 1.0.3
Implementation of RSA, using the padding schemes of PKCS#1 v2.1.
gtkrsync 1.0.4
Gnome rsync progress display
ftphs 1.0.7
FTP Client and Server Library
ConfigFile 1.0.6
Configuration file reading & writing