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control-monad-exception 0.9.0
Explicitly typed, checked exceptions with stack traces
control-monad-exception-monadstf 0.9
Monads-tf instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer
control-monad-exception-monadsfd 0.9
Monads-fd instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer
Hermes 0.0.2
Message-based middleware layer
hogre-examples 0.0.3
Examples for using Hogre.
hogre 0.0.3
Haskell binding to a subset of OGRE
xmobar 0.11
A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar
ldif 0.0.7
The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) parser
redis 0.6
A driver for Redis key-value database
SimpleAES 0.4.1
Fast AES encryption/decryption for bytestrings
safe-failure 0.5.0
Library for safe functions
Visualize Haskell data structures using vacuum and Ubigraph
hamlet 0.2.3
Haml-like template files that are compile-time checked
hexpat-iteratee 0.4
Chunked XML parsing using iteratees
hexpat 0.16
XML parser/formatter based on expat
sifflet 0.1.5
A simple, visual, functional programming language.