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  • hinotify 0.1. Lennart Kolmodin announced hinotify 0.1, a library to inotify which has been part of the Linux kernel since 2.6.13. inotify provides file system event notification, simply add a watcher to a file or directory and get an event when it is accessed or modified. API and source.

  • Monad Transformer Tutorial. Martin Grabmueller published a small tutorial on using monad transformers. In contrast to other approaches, it concentrates on using them, not on their implementation. PDF and Literate Haskell source available.

  • Speaking Haskell in Spanish. Luis Araujo announced a project to make Haskell documentation more available to Spanish speakers. The idea is to collect information in Spanish about Haskell, including news and tutorials, and to translate Haskell wiki pages.

  • Haskell Packages 6.6. Isaac Jones announced that the Cabal package tools for Haskell are in a good state, with almost 30 packages already in the database. Time to start testing packages, starting with the cabal release candidate that'll go into GHC 6.6, to make sure they work nicely together!

  • Cabal-1.1.6 release candidate. Duncan Coutts released a tarball for the next 1.16 Cabal release candidate. Let's get this tested before GHC 6.6 arrives!

  • Darcs 1.0.9 release candidate. Tommy Pettersson announced the first release candidate for next stable darcs, 1.0.9rc1. This will mainly be a bug fix version to get things right that got wrong or didn't get right in 1.0.7 and 1.0.8, but there are some new features and optimizations too.

  • Haskell and Vim. Marc Weber wrote some Vim scripts to ease various Haskell coding tasks in Vim.

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