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|[http://www.ub.ro Bacau St.Univ.]
|[http://www.ub.ro Bacau St.Univ.]
|uses Haskell used for Domain Small Languges building - like [[Rodin]]
|uses Haskell for Domain Small Languges building - like [[Rodin]]

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Who's using Haskell?

Credit Suisse builds quantitative modelling systems in Haskell
Amgen uses Haskell to rapidly build biotech modelling software
Peerium, Inc builds reliable peer-to-peer applications in Haskell
Microsoft Research has ongoing research investments in Haskell
Eaton Corporation uses Haskell to control hybrid vehicles
Deutsche Bank employs Haskell for trading software
Antiope uses Haskell for simulation and verification of wireless systems
ABN AMRO built interactive tools for quantitative analysts in Haskell
Galois, Inc uses Haskell to build high assurance systems
Bluespec, Inc uses Haskell to implement a high-level hardware description language
Qualcomm, Inc generates Lua bindings to the BREW platform with Haskell
Bacau St.Univ. uses Haskell for Domain Small Languges building - like Rodin

Find more Haskell success stories at CUFP and the Industry Wiki, or find a consultant.