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= The Monad.Reader, Issue Two =
''May 2005''
''May 2005''
== Editorial ==
== Editorial ==

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May 2005


by Shae Erisson

This is an exciting time to be part of the Haskell community. Functional Programming is reaching the mainstream: Darcs is steadily gaining users, Pugs is getting the attention of the Perl world, Wadler's Links language and Steele et al's Fortress language are efforts to bring the power of FP into the world of mainstream commercial development. And of course, The Monad.Reader is back again to delight and bedazzle!

For issue two, the subjects are Template Haskell, better module compatibility, exploring dark corners of GHC, domain specific languages, and the Foreign Function Interface.

We've also switched to an experimental wikipublishing format, in hopes of removing the bottlenecks that showed up in the first issue, and encouraging more peer review. We'd like to hear your feedback!


Impure Thoughts 1 - Thtatic Compilathionth (without a lisp)
by Philippa Cowderoy
Eternal Compatibility In Theory
by Sven Moritz Hallberg
Fun with Linear Implicit Parameters
by Thomas Jäger
by Bastiaan Zapf
Bzlib2 Binding - An Introduction to the FFI
by Peter Eriksen