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Status: Enthusiastic Haskell newbie.


1 Main Interests

  • Using Haskell to write triposcopic mathematical algorithms with only a tiny amount of code.
  • Using Haskell to do seriously compute-bounded work in a multiprocessor setup.

2 Current Projects

  • (no name) — chaos pendulum simulator (Status: moderately working, needs UI)
  • Haktal — fractal generator. (Status: minimal functionality)
  • HoJ — Haskell to Java compiler. (Status: skeletal)
  • Evlor — Interactive Haskell step-line debugger. (Status: skeletal)
  • Indoculate — Program to convert a single (custom) source to both HTML and LaTeX, and also do cross-linking. (Status: in production use)

3 Projects On Hold

4 Failed Projects

  • Haskell ray tracer.
  • Haskell program to cause world peace.

5 Contributed Code

6 Current Unsolved Questions

  • Why do Haskell language extensions exist?
  • How do you do graphics in Haskell?
  • How come (e.g.) Smalltalk provides 27 different types of collection, but Haskell only ever involves single-linked lists and binary trees?
  • Why is
    putStr xs1; putStr xs2
    slower than
    putStr (xs1 ++ xs2)