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Why did you rename the page I created, X Window Programming in Haskell, to X Window Programming?

It is not about X Window programming, but about X Window Programming IN HASKELL!

Hi Andrea. If you feel strongly about it, please go ahead and rename it back to "X window programming in Haskell". I had two reasons. First, it did not follow the capitalization standards for pages here. Second, there have been various discussions that "In Haskell", "Haskell..." etc., page titles are redundant as the site is dedicated to Haskell. I'll post this on your talk page as well, in case you aren't monitoring this one. --BrettGiles 20:02, 22 July 2007 (UTC)

Hi, it's not a matter of feeling strongly about it, but the fact that pages are getting indexed by search engines outside this wiki too, and titles matter: someone looking for a page on X window programming may just be misguided by the page title of a tutorial that only discuss the way of programming the X server from the Haskell side but whose title suggests it is dedicated to discussing general X programming issues. As the guidelines say "it is important that a page title is a title". While I may understand your argument for pages discussing specific Haskell issues, for a page discussing bindings to a library in a foreign language it seems plainly wrong to me. Still I'm open to discussion (which means: we discuss and then a decision is taken). AndreaRossato 23:02 22 July 2007 (CEST)