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excuse me, I have a question is Haskell programming and I need someone help me to solve it I have a list of strings, I want to use putStr in Data.Char to show it out in the terminal screen. For example, a string likes ["!@#$","#@$"] will be shown as "!@#$" "#@$" Actually, I don't know the good way the make it. Please help me The preceding unsigned comment was added by Cgo (talk).

The best place for your question is something like the haskell-beginners mailing list or really, just the #haskell IRC channel.
There are several approaches you could take. Some combination of `map`, `putStr`, `mapM`, `print`, and `++` would work. As specified, you want `mapM print`:
    Prelude> mapM print ["!@#$","#@$"] 
I also strongly urge you to read Homework help & . --Gwern 20:26, 23 November 2010 (UTC)