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Help needed in order to built a translated Hoogle interface

(8 iul 2008) Can anybody fix this "O Interfata Hoogle in limba romana" . I have tried to translate the usual Hoogle interface. But the wiki don-t accept HTML tags.Well,it's normal, but it is not what I want. Must be a piece of cake.

Thx Dan

Help needed

(22 mai 2007) I have asked Prof. Anthony A. Aaby to release one of his web pages under a free licence. He accepted. Would anybody help me to translate it in French ? You may find it on the Haskell-fr.

Dialogue agréable:

>>You should consider making an announcement about your modifications to the >>Gentle Introduction translation to the haskell-fr mailing list.

Ha$kell: Good idea! There were a set of missprints in the text.

Ha$kell(2): Announcement was made. Did you receive it ?

>> Also, perhaps >>"initiateur du projet Haskell-fr" is a little bit of an exaggeration.

Ha$kell: Not at all, in my opinion. Last year Simon P.Jones encoureged me (aka. Dan Popa - nickname Ha$kell) to add a national page on That was during last autumn. I have noticed that haskell-fr did not exist and I tried to do a Haskell-fr web-page using translated versions of some english pages and some other materials of mine. It was not a joke ! I had wanted to make some automatic translations using google's fr servers but I noticed that some kind of accesses are not considered acceptable by Google's team. So I have to slow it down.

>> In my opinion, the community only started in earnest when Nanar (Olivier >> Thauvin) and khatar (Marc ?) started the mailing list and IRC channel.

Ha$kell: Excellent: Would you like to make a page with named contribution to the haskell-fr community ? I will be happy to be "initiateur du projet Haskell-fr".Put Nanar (Olivier Thauvin) and khatar (Marc ?) as "initiateur du mailing list de projet Haskell-fr". and as "initiateur du IRC chanell de projet Haskell-fr"

kowey: Not really, to be honest. It seems to go against my intuitions about what would be good for building the community (nothing I can really explain concretely, just a feeling, I guess just a vague notion that it might things feel a little bit less welcoming and inclusive)

Ha$kell(2): What do you think about this: Let's try to send a link or a copy of the Gentle-fr to some high-schools or Universities in France ? Or to send it to the National Library, in order to get an ISBN and have the book indexed in the catalogue ?

Ha$kell(2): Other things to be done: The person who translate the book (i.e. Nicolas V.) may eventually try to write HIS OWN BOOK based on the notices he made during the translation of "Gentle". I will be happy to be a reviewer.

Ha$kell(2): Or we may contact an editor ... If more than 10-15 books of Haskell (no matter what book) will be needed I can contact a small Editor to print a small edition: aprox. 50-100 pieces. Cost: aprox 100-110-150 euros, depending of the size of the book. Belive me !

>>Not a big deal, but I just thought you might want to know. Anyway, why don't >>you join us on the mailing list and IRC?  :-) -- kowey 12:37, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell:BUT I AM subscribed on the mail-list.

kowey: Good! I just assumed you weren't because I haven't seen you post yet. Looking forward to see this community reach its critical mass one day.

Ha$kell(2): that's what I want, too. And I did not post mails until today, as you have assumed.

Ha$kell: In fact the members of your list and IRC channell considered me the one who used the haskell-fr name the first time. They said that was a joke. It was not ONLY a joke. The community was needed!

kowey: Oh, sorry about that. It was me that labeled it as mostly a joke page. Anyway, thanks for your work on this -- kowey 13:14, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell(2): Appologize are accepted, of course. The community needs the work of ALL OF US! We should remember it! (And ... only no work at all means no mistakes.)

introduction agréable

Would 'douce' be a better word? Hmm... I guess 'introduction douce' sounds awkward... -- kowey 14:37, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell(2): You are right. Chosing a goood title was a problem. I had sit a part of an hour with a Ph.D linguist from my family trying to figure (to understand) what's the sense of "gentle" in that context. More than 26 posibbilities (better or worse) including: refined, courteouse, generouse, kind, kindly, patient, sweet, tender, friendly, moderate ... elegant, distinct, noble ... and more and more. Finally the decision was "introduction agréable" because it seems to fit with a large set of notions we had in mind. In my opinion, this word (agréable) increases the possibility to be the right word. Hope it was good enough.


I've given him a block for a week. I don't understand what you two are fighting about, but page blanking is unacceptable.

As for you, I took the time to look at Rezultatele neseriosului Patrut Bogdan in Google Translate, which was clear enough. Hawiki is not for maintaining attack pages, which are both legally and ethically troublesome, and not within Hawiki's mission. (If you want to maintain such a thing, get your own webhosting or blog. It's very easy.)

I've deleted it. The Haskell wiki is for Haskell pages. If you do this again, I will start blocking you too: I do not have the time to deal with both the spammers and also go through your edits with Google Translate. --Gwern 16:30, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

This also applies to the content on Jocuri, Cine face acte neconforme cu realitatea ?, and Teme de Licenta 2009-2010‎. --Gwern 21:33, 20 November 2011 (UTC)