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1 Help needed in order to built a translated Hoogle interface

(8 iul 2008) Can anybody fix this "O Interfata Hoogle in limba romana" . I have tried to translate the usual Hoogle interface. But the wiki don-t accept HTML tags.Well,it's normal, but it is not what I want. Must be a piece of cake.

Thx Dan

2 Help needed

(22 mai 2007) I have asked Prof. Anthony A. Aaby to release one of his web pages under a free licence. He accepted. Would anybody help me to translate it in French ? You may find it on the Haskell-fr.

3 Dialogue agréable:

>>You should consider making an announcement about your modifications to the >>Gentle Introduction translation to the haskell-fr mailing list.

Ha$kell: Good idea! There were a set of missprints in the text.

Ha$kell(2): Announcement was made. Did you receive it ?

>> Also, perhaps >>"initiateur du projet Haskell-fr" is a little bit of an exaggeration.

Ha$kell: Not at all, in my opinion. Last year Simon P.Jones encoureged me (aka. Dan Popa - nickname Ha$kell) to add a national page on That was during last autumn. I have noticed that haskell-fr did not exist and I tried to do a Haskell-fr web-page using translated versions of some english pages and some other materials of mine. It was not a joke ! I had wanted to make some automatic translations using google's fr servers but I noticed that some kind of accesses are not considered acceptable by Google's team. So I have to slow it down.

>> In my opinion, the community only started in earnest when Nanar (Olivier >> Thauvin) and khatar (Marc ?) started the mailing list and IRC channel.

Ha$kell: Excellent: Would you like to make a page with named contribution to the haskell-fr community ? I will be happy to be "initiateur du projet Haskell-fr".Put Nanar (Olivier Thauvin) and khatar (Marc ?) as "initiateur du mailing list de projet Haskell-fr". and as "initiateur du IRC chanell de projet Haskell-fr"

kowey: Not really, to be honest. It seems to go against my intuitions about what would be good for building the community (nothing I can really explain concretely, just a feeling, I guess just a vague notion that it might things feel a little bit less welcoming and inclusive)

Ha$kell(2): What do you think about this: Let's try to send a link or a copy of the Gentle-fr to some high-schools or Universities in France ? Or to send it to the National Library, in order to get an ISBN and have the book indexed in the catalogue ?

Ha$kell(2): Other things to be done: The person who translate the book (i.e. Nicolas V.) may eventually try to write HIS OWN BOOK based on the notices he made during the translation of "Gentle". I will be happy to be a reviewer.

Ha$kell(2): Or we may contact an editor ... If more than 10-15 books of Haskell (no matter what book) will be needed I can contact a small Editor to print a small edition: aprox. 50-100 pieces. Cost: aprox 100-110-150 euros, depending of the size of the book. Belive me !

>>Not a big deal, but I just thought you might want to know. Anyway, why don't >>you join us on the mailing list and IRC?  :-) -- kowey 12:37, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell:BUT I AM subscribed on the mail-list.

kowey: Good! I just assumed you weren't because I haven't seen you post yet. Looking forward to see this community reach its critical mass one day.

Ha$kell(2): that's what I want, too. And I did not post mails until today, as you have assumed.

Ha$kell: In fact the members of your list and IRC channell considered me the one who used the haskell-fr name the first time. They said that was a joke. It was not ONLY a joke. The community was needed!

kowey: Oh, sorry about that. It was me that labeled it as mostly a joke page. Anyway, thanks for your work on this -- kowey 13:14, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell(2): Appologize are accepted, of course. The community needs the work of ALL OF US! We should remember it! (And ... only no work at all means no mistakes.)

4 introduction agréable

Would 'douce' be a better word? Hmm... I guess 'introduction douce' sounds awkward... -- kowey 14:37, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

Ha$kell(2): You are right. Chosing a goood title was a problem. I had sit a part of an hour with a Ph.D linguist from my family trying to figure (to understand) what's the sense of "gentle" in that context. More than 26 posibbilities (better or worse) including: refined, courteouse, generouse, kind, kindly, patient, sweet, tender, friendly, moderate ... elegant, distinct, noble ... and more and more. Finally the decision was "introduction agréable" because it seems to fit with a large set of notions we had in mind. In my opinion, this word (agréable) increases the possibility to be the right word. Hope it was good enough.