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Collected videos of Haskell tutorials and conference presentations, sorted by topic.

Introductions to FP and Haskell

OSCON-OSCON2007SimonPeytonJonesATasteOfHaskellPartI551-440.jpg A Taste of Haskell

Part 1 (.mov)
Part 2 (.mov)
Simon Peyton-Jones, OSCON, July 2007.

Haskell is the world's leading purely functional programming language that offers a radical and elegant attack on the whole business of writing programs. In the last two or three years there has been an explosion of interest in Haskell, and it is now being used for a bewildering variety of applications. In this tutorial, I will try to show you why programming in Haskell is such fun, and how it makes you think about programming in a new way.

Programming language nirvana

Simon Peyton-Jones, Eric Meijer, MSR, July 2007.
Taming Effects - The Next Big Challenge
Simon Peyton-Jones at Ericsson, February 2008.
Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages
Phil Wadler, April 2007. Slides are here
Haskell in the Hallway
An interview with SPJ at OSCON, Sep 2007.
Lecture Functional Programming
A computer science lecture at RWTH University Aachen (Germany) dealing with functional programming and haskell (including theoretical background)
Simon Peyton Jones on Functional Programming and Haskell (Audio)
Simon explains laziness, purity, parallelism, side effects, monads, software transactional memory
High-Assurance Software
John Launchbury at Ericsson, 21 February 2008.

ICFP 2007 and related workshops

The Reduceron: Widening the von Neumann Bottleneck for Graph Reduction using an FPGA.
The Reduceron: Widening the von Neumann Bottleneck for Graph Reduction using an FPGA. A research talk given at IFL'2007 in Freiburg. Work by Matthew Naylor and Colin Runciman of the University of York.
Selected videos from IFL 2007 and ICFP 2007.
All talks from Haskell Workshop 2007.

Advanced topics

Type-driven testing in Haskell
Simon Peyton Jones talks about QuickCheck and SmallCheck
Category theoretic monads
The Catsters, Sep 2007.
More from The Catsters, Sep 2007
Generic Programming in Haskell.
Johan Jeuring, July 2007.
Parametric Polymorphism and the Girard-Reynolds Isomorphism
Phil Gossett, April 2007.
Don't fear the monads
Brian Beckman introducing monads

Concurrency and parallelism

Concurrent and multicore programming in Haskell
Bryan O’Sullivan at Bay Area Functional Programmers, 8 May 2008
Declarative Programming Techniques for Many-Core Architectures
Satnam Singh at Ericsson, 21 February 2008
Transactional Memory for Concurrent Programming
Simon Peyton-Jones, OSCON, July 2007.
Programming in the Age of Concurrency: Software Transactional Memory
Simon Peyton-Jones and Tim Harris, September 2006.
Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell
Simon Peyton-Jones, London HUG, May 2007.
Slides (pdf)

The web

Alex Jacobson, Bay Area FPers, Oct 2007.


Games in Haskell
2007 meeting of the London Haskell User Group. Matthew Sackman and Tristan Allwood of Imperial College talk about building 3D games in Haskell.

The ICFP contest

2006 ICFP contest results
ICFP, 2006
2007 ICFP contest results
ICFP, 2007

Livecoding Haskell

Music and Sound generation
Henning Thielemann July 2007 in Leipzig about Music and Sound using SuperCollider, CSound, MIDI and pure Haskell (German)
Haskell music
Yaxu, 2006.
Hacking Haskell music
More of Yaxu live coding music and Haskell, 2006.
ASCII Rave in Haskell
Yaxu, using words to control the articulation of a physical modelling synthesiser based on the elegant Karplus-Strong algorithm

GHC Hackathon presentations

GHC commentary
Simon Peyton Jones and Simon Marlow, 2006.

Haskell applications

Emacs Flymake
Daisuke IKEGAMI, a demo of editing Haskell program on Emacs with on-the-fly syntax and type checking using flymake-mode (see also EmacsWiki:FlymakeHaskell for details), 11 November 2007
HAL2 meeting in July 2007 in Leipzig, presenting talks about Generic Programming (English), Eclipse for Haskell (German), Grapefruit GUI (German) and Music+Sound generation (German)
GADTs for darcs
David Roundy, FOSDEM, 2006
Darcs and Generalised Algebraic Data Types
Ganesh Sittampalamhs talk on Darcs and GADTs
Functional Image Synthesis
Conal Elliott, talk at University of Washington, November 2000
Testing with QuickCheck
John Hughes at Ericsson, 21 February 2008
Composing Contracts - An Adventure in Financial Engineering
Simon Peyton Jones at Ericsson, 21 February 2008.
Don Stewart at the Haskell Workshop, 2007.
Coconut: COde CONstructing User Tool
Haskell DSL to produce high performance SIMD-Parallel code


Tangible Functional Programming: a modern marriage of usability and composability
Conal Elliott. Google TechTalk, November 2007