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This is the Vim plugin that integrates Vim with hdevtools.
This is the Vim plugin that integrates Vim with hdevtools.
*[https://github.com/lukerandall/haskellmode-vim Haskellmode-vim] from the github:
The Haskell mode plugins provide advanced support for Haskell development
using GHC/GHCi on Windows and Unix-like systems. The functionality is
based on Haddock-generated library indices, on GHCi's interactive
commands, or on simply activating (some of) Vim's built-in program editing
support in Haskell-relevant fashion. These plugins live side-by-side with
the pre-defined |syntax-highlighting| support for |haskell| sources, and
any other Haskell-related plugins you might want to install (see
The Haskell mode plugins consist of three filetype plugins (haskell.vim,
haskell_doc.vim, haskell_hpaste.vim), which by Vim's |filetype| detection
mechanism will be auto-loaded whenever files with the extension '.hs' are
opened, and one compiler plugin (ghc.vim) which you will need to load from
your vimrc file (see |haskellmode-settings|).

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This page is intended for Haskell vim-users.


The following setup from merijn @ #haskell ensures you use spaces not tabs for indentation for generally sane behaviour:

" Tab specific option
set tabstop=8                   "A tab is 8 spaces
set expandtab                   "Always uses spaces instead of tabs
set softtabstop=4               "Insert 4 spaces when tab is pressed
set shiftwidth=4                "An indent is 4 spaces
set shiftround                  "Round indent to nearest shiftwidth multiple


Put code in file ~/.vim/plugin/Haskell.vim, or in multiple files in that directory.

Module Sections

The following code prompts for a name, and places a section with that name at current position, when key sequence "--s":

let s:width = 80

function! HaskellModuleSection(...)
    let name = 0 < a:0 ? a:1 : inputdialog("Section name: ")

    return  repeat('-', s:width) . "\n"
    \       . "--  " . name . "\n"
    \       . "\n"


nmap <silent> --s "=HaskellModuleSection()<CR>gp

Like so:

--  my section

Module Headers

The following code prompts for module name, a note, a description of module, and places a module comment at top, when key sequence "--h":

let s:width = 80

function! HaskellModuleHeader(...)
    let name = 0 < a:0 ? a:1 : inputdialog("Module: ")
    let note = 1 < a:0 ? a:2 : inputdialog("Note: ")
    let description = 2 < a:0 ? a:3 : inputdialog("Describe this module: ")
    return  repeat('-', s:width) . "\n" 
    \       . "-- | \n" 
    \       . "-- Module      : " . name . "\n"
    \       . "-- Note        : " . note . "\n"
    \       . "-- \n"
    \       . "-- " . description . "\n"
    \       . "-- \n"
    \       . repeat('-', s:width) . "\n"
    \       . "\n"


nmap <silent> --h "=HaskellModuleHeader()<CR>:0put =<CR>

like so:

-- | 
-- Module      : MyModule
-- Note        : This is a preview
-- This is an empty module, to show the headercomment produced. 

List of Plugins

hdevtools is a command line program powered by the GHC API, that provides services for Haskell development. hdevtools works by running a persistent process in the background, so that your Haskell modules remain in memory, instead of having to reload everything each time you change only one file. This is just like :reload in GHCi - with hdevtools you get the speed of GHCi as well as tight integration with your editor.

This is the Vim plugin that integrates Vim with hdevtools.

  • Ale (Asynchronous Linting Engine)

ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine) is a plugin for providing linting (checking syntax and semantics) in NeoVim 0.2.0+ and Vim 8 while you edit your text files, and acts as a Vim Language Server Protocol client.

Comes with linters cabal_ghc, ghc, ghc_mod, hdevtools, hie, hlint, stack_build, stack_ghc

  • Neco-ghc power by ghcmod-vim for completion of pragma, modules, functions and more.