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Wanted libraries

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This page provides:

  • A list of missing libraries for particular problem domains
  • And a list of found libraries that solve a particular problem

If you think there should be a library for some task, add it to this page, and someone may well step up and write it.


1 High performance string IO

1.1 Data.ByteString

Home [1]
Author Don Stewart
Stability good
Availability Part of the base package in Hugs and GHC > 6.5
Supports Fast strings of bytes (not unicode), lazy bytestrings larger than memory. Has been used on terabyte data sources

2 Binary IO

2.1 NewBinary

Home [2]
Stability good
Availability An external package.
Supports Serialisation of data types to and from a binary representation, and to disk.

3 Web frameworks

3.1 HAppS

4 Database access

4.1 HDBC

4.2 HaskellDB

4.3 Takusen


5.1 Gtk2Hs

5.2 wxHaskell

Add more problem domains that you feel we need libraries for!