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Wanted libraries

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This page provides a list of missing and found libraries for solving common real world programmer tasks.

If you think there should be a library for some common task, add it to this page, and someone may well step up and write it. If you know of a library to solve an open problem domain, link to it.


1 Missing libraries (by problem domain)

Add any common problem areas for which libraries are missing.

2 Could be improved

Problems with existing solutions, that could be improved.

  • Binary support
  • Simple process forking/popen

3 Existing libraries (by problem domain)

See the full libraries list.

3.1 GUIs

See GUI libraries

3.2 High performance string IO

See String libraries

3.3 Binary IO

See Binary IO

3.4 Compression

See Compressing data

3.5 Encryption

See Crypto libraries

3.6 Web frameworks

See Web frameworks

3.7 XML processing

See XML handling

3.8 Database access

See Databases

Add more problem domains that you feel we need libraries for!