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Haskell Web Development

Servers - Libraries - Frameworks
Deploy - Cloud
Interfaces to frameworks
Databases and Persistence
Testing and Verification
Content Management

Community & Research:
Forums and Discussion
Literature (research, talks and blogs)
Existing Haskell web applications
Ongoing projects and ideas

Below are some suggestions about keeping the web development wiki pages clean and useful. Most of all, they should be valuable and approachable.

Keep pages small

One page should serve one purpose, making linking easier, and pages easier to browse. Remember that users don't mind mindlessly clicking as long as they don't have to think.

Writing about packages

Please include useful links about packages, in the format you see already used. Please do not put version numbers of the packages unless you are willing to update those versions, otherwise it will quickly become irrelevant and misleading.

If you include code samples and comments about API, then you should mention the associated version that you are talking about, so that the reader can determine the relevance or use of the information.