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Below are URL/web routing libraries or ''controllers'' for web applications.
Below are URL/web routing libraries or ''controllers'' for web applications.

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Below are URL/web routing libraries or controllers for web applications.


Included in the network package, this is very complete URI parser implementing the syntax specified by RFC3986. Based on Graham Klyne's URI handling implementation from the W3C URI mailing list, and since updated for compatibility with both GHC and Hugs. Highly recommended for parsing URLs and any other kind of URI.

License: BSD3

Maintainer: libraries@haskell.org

Documentation: http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/network/


Url dispatcher. Helps to retain friendly URLs in web applications. The aim of urldisp is to provide a simple, declarative and expressive URL routing in web applications.

License: BSD3

Copyright: Artyom Shalkhakov, Sterling Clover

Author: Artyom Shalkhakov, Sterling Clover

Maintainer: Artyom Shalkhakov <artyom.shalkhakov@gmail.com>

Home page: http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/UrlDisp

Package & repositories


Library for maintaining correctness and composability of URLs within an application. A collection of types and functions that ensure that URLs generated by an application are valid. There are a number of related packages available on Hackage.

License: BSD3

Author: jeremy@seereason.com

Maintainer: partners@seereason.com

Package & repositories


Allows declaration of type-safe URLs through a simple quasi-quoted syntax. The quasi-quoter automatically creates datatypes, parse functions, render functions and dispatch functions, ensuring your code is correct without writing a lot of boilerplate. Also includes some advanced support for creating subsites, aka pluggable web components.

License: BSD3

Author: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Maintainer: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Home page: http://docs.yesodweb.com/web-routes-quasi/

Package & repositories