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GHC is well supported on Windows.




Special tips and tricks for Windows

  • darcs : (although darcs send seems to be broken for now [2006-08-30])
  • Make sure your Haskell compiler (e.g. GHC) and tools are on your system path:
  • GHCi: Using GHCi from a DOS box sucks. Using it from withing shell mode in Emacs sucks a lot less - do 'M-x shell' in emacs, then type 'ghci'.
  • GHCi on cygwin: When running GHC under a Cygwin shell on Windows, Ctrl-C sometimes doesn't work. A workaround is to use the rlwrap program to invoke ghci : In addition to proper Ctrl-C, you also get emacs (or vi) key bindings and command history across sessions, which saves you a load of typing.

Direct downloads


Alex 2.0.1 (obsolete) (website) ; Cpphs 1.2 (obsolete) (website) ; Darcs 2.2.1 for Windows without Cygwin ; Darcs 2.2.0 for Windows without Cygwin, with SSH support files ; Darcs 2.2.0 for Windows with Cygwin (website) ; Drift (website) ; GHC 6.10.1 (website) ; Haddock 0.7 (obsolete) (website) ; Hat July 2006 (website) ; Happy 1.13 (obsolete) (website) ; Hoogle June 2006 (obsolete) (website) ; HsColour 1.9 (website) ; Lambda Shell 0.3 (obsolete) (website) ; WinHugs May 2006 (website) ;


CVS 1.11.22 (website)  ; Python 2.4.3 (website)  ; Scons 0.96.1 (website)  ; SVN 1.3.2 (website)  ; TextPad 4.7.3 (website)  ; Unix Utils 14-04-03 (website)  ;