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1 Download

You can download either a source or binary distribution. The documentation and samples are normally included in binary distributions. After installation, you should try some of the samples to see if everything works as expected:

> cd samples/wx
> ghc -package wx -o helloworld HelloWorld.hs
> ./helloworld

You can also use GHCi – a great development environment for GUI's! (Unfortunately, GHCi only works well on Windows platforms at the moment)

> ghci -package wx HelloWorld.hs
*Main> main

See the documentation for more information about wxHaskell.

2 Version 0.10.3 – March 23, 2008

All of these files are also directly available from the sourceforge project page.

2.1 Basic packages
Source release of wxHaskell. See the building guide for installation instructions.
Documentation and samples.

2.2 Binary packages

The file name of a binary release contains the version of the wxWidgets toolkit that has been used, and the version of the Haskell compiler was used to build wxHaskell. Make sure that you have the same version of the compiler installed, for example ghc6.8.2. All packages have ODBC support (but not OpenGL). Documentation and samples are not included with Linux packages. (Windows, ghc 6.10.1)
Unzip the release somewhere and click on the newly created wxhaskell-0.11.0\bin\wxhaskell-register.bat program to register the wxHaskell package. To uninstall, you can click on wxhaskell-0.10.3\bin\wxhaskell-unregister.bat and than remove the wxhaskell-0.10.3 directory.

Note:If you have an older version of wxHaskell installed, please remove it before installing this version. Older releases can be uninstalled by clicking on wxhaskell-unregister.bat.


wxhaskell-bin-gtk2.6.3-ghc6.8.2-0.10.3-0.deb (Linux ghc 6.8.2)

wxhaskell-bin-gtk2.6.3-ghc6.6-0.10.3-0.deb (Linux ghc 6.6)
Linux .deb package built on Debian Etch</dd>
wxhaskell-bin-i386-mac2.6.4-ghc6.8.2-0.10.3-0.dmg (MacOS X, Intel, ghc 6.8.2)

wxhaskell-bin-powerpc-mac2.8.7-ghc6.8.3-0.10.3-0.dmg (MacOSX, PowerPC, ghc 6.8.3, updated)

wxhaskell-bin-powerpc-mac2.6.4-ghc6.8.2-0.10.3-0.dmg (MacOSX, PowerPC, ghc 6.8.2)
The installer copies the wxHaskell libraries to /usr/local/wxhaskell and registers them with ghc. To test the installation, you can run the following commands from the samples/wx directory:

> ghc -package wx HelloWorld.hs -o hello
> /usr/local/wxhaskell/bin/macosx-app -v hello
> open hello

It is recommended to read the notes on using wxHaskell with MacOS X.</dd>