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==xmonad configuration examples==
==xmonad configuration examples==
* [[/Don's Config.hs]]. Small tweaks+dynamic log
* [[/Don's Config.hs]]. colours, use custom terminal, dynamicLogDzen

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xmonad configuration examples

  • /twifkak's Config.hs. modMask = mod4Mask; noBorders tabbed layout; keybindings for dzen, rotview, swapworkspaces, windowbringer, and windownavigation; urgencyhook (only in darcs xmonad).
  • /David Roundy's Config.hs. Combo config for small screen + xclock. Requires changes to core xmonad, so not for the faint of heart. This config also keeps mod=mod1, and therefore moves a number of key bindings to non-standard locations (my laptop has no spare modifier keys).
  • /Brent Yorgey's Config.hs. probably only works with darcs xmonad. modMask = mod4Mask; DynamicLog, RotView, ViewPrev, WindowNavigation, ToggleLayouts (toggle full screen mode), UrgencyHook + dzen, FlexibleManipulate, and a few others, with keybindings for all! (Warning: lots of non-standard keybindings. =)
  • /Eric Mertens's Config.hs. Customized DynamicLog, ShellPrompt, TilePrime, Dual-head and an effort to make the statusbar similar to DWM.
  • /vvv's Config.hs. DynamicWorkspaces, (Shell|Ssh|Man)Prompt, Submap, and ion-like status bar (written in nonkosher Perl).