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====Hinted tile layouts====
====Hinted tile layouts====
[ layoutHints (modifier)]
[ layoutHints (modifier)],
[ HintedGrid]
[ HintedGrid],
[ HintedTall and HintedWide]
[ HintedTall and HintedWide]

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xmonad screenshot gallery; images contributed by users. See the Xmonad/Config archive for the configuration files that produced some of these screenshots.


1 Misc screenshots

1.1 Environments

Config.Desktop, Config.Gnome, Config.Kde, Config.Xfce

1.2 Etc

1.3 Transparency

1.4 Status bars and monitors

2 Layouts

2.1 Tiled layouts

Accordion, Dishes, Grid, MosaicAlt, ResizableTile, Spiral, StackTile, ThreeColumns, ThreeColumsMiddle (darcs)

2.2 Hinted tile layouts

layoutHints (modifier), HintedGrid, HintedTall and HintedWide

(*Silly bright purple background and font sizes set to emphasize differences in layouts.)

2.3 Layouts to hide some of the workspace's windows

DragPane, TwoPane, Mosaic (darcs)

2.4 Layouts that leave the background visible

2.5 Combo layouts

2.6 IM layouts

2.7 Decorated Layouts

2.8 Old Layouts