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These are the HCAR entries for Yhc, in order:

Nov 2006 [pending]

The York Haskell Compiler (yhc) is a fork of the nhc98 compiler, with goals such as increased portability, platform independent bytecode, integrated Hat support and generally being a cleaner code base to work with. Yhc now compiles and runs almost all Haskell 98 programs, has basic FFI support - the main thing missing is haskell.org base libraries, which is being worked on.

Since that last HCAR a lot of work has been put in place on the infrastructure of the project - we now have a new build system, nightly builds, automated testing, snapshot releases, wiki documentation, a haskell.org darcs repository. There has also been a focus on creating libraries to allow programmers to reuse some of the work done by Yhc - in particular Yhc.ByteCode and Yhc.Core.

Going forward our focus is to support the haskell.org base libaries, get full Cabal support, enhance our Yhc.* libraries, refactor everything and to support Haskell' fully.

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Nov 2005 / Jun 2006

The York Haskell Compiler (yhc) is a backend rewrite of the nhc98 compiler to support features such as a platform independent bytecode and runtime system.

It is currently work in progress, it compiles and correctly runs almost every standard Haskell 98 program but FFI support is on going. Contributions are welcome.

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