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== Introductory Material ==
== Introductory Material ==
[[Yhc-presentation-2006_feb_09.pdf|Yhc Presentation]] - 09 Feb 2006, Tom Shackell
[[Media:Yhc-presentation-2006_feb_09.pdf|Yhc Presentation]] - 09 Feb 2006, Tom Shackell

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Part of Yhc



To build yhc from source, you will require:

  • GHC
  • any C compiler
  • python
  • scons
  • darcs

Downloading Yhc

The current development version is available online. Please note that yhc is still not finished, so don't expect a full polished compiler yet!

darcs get --partial http://darcs.haskell.org/yhc


There is a mailing list for general discussion, bug reports etc.

There is also a blog, where development style posts are made. This is probably better for getting a feel of the project.

There is also a bug reporting place.


The following ports have been done, and should work straight from the darcs repo, without additional modifications. If your platform is not on this list see the Yhc porting guide, its usually about 10 minutes work!

  • Linux/x86 - Tom Shackell
  • Linux/x86-64 - Tom Shackell + Andrew Wilkinson
  • Windows/x86 - Neil Mitchell
  • Mac OS X/PPC - Tom Davie
  • OpenBSD/x86 - Donald Bruce Stewart
  • Irix/mips64 - Donald Bruce Stewart
  • Solaris - IurieCn / phys_rules
  • Plan 9 - vegai [in progress]
  • PalmOS - stepcut [in progress]

License & Copyright

Yhc is (C) 1996-2005 its contributors, which include Tom Shackell, Neil Mitchell, Andrew Wilkinson, Mike Dodds, Tom Davie and more.

Yhc is substantially based on nhc98, which is (C) Niklas Röjemo, 1991-1998. Many parts of the nhc98 compiler, libraries, and build system were contributed or modified by Malcolm Wallace, Jan Sparud, David Wakeling, Colin Runciman, Phil Hassall, Olaf Chitil, and Thomas Nordin, and are copyright to them, their respective institutions, or funding bodies, (C) 1996-2004.

Yhc is released under the the same license as nhc, and additionally under the GPL, but programs compiled with Yhc are free from additional copyright restrictions. All contributions are assumed to be under the above license.

Introductory Material

Yhc Presentation - 09 Feb 2006, Tom Shackell