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Notes to Authors

Authors: Neil Mitchell, Tom Shackell, Matt Naylor, Dimitry Golubovsky, Andrew Wilkinson

This is a draft of the Yhc TMR article, deadline April 13th. It isn't intended as a wiki article beyond the listed authors (although if you want to fix some spelling, we don't mind!). If you are interested in helping email the Yhc list.

History of Yhc

Author: Tom/Neil/Andrew

How we started up Yhc, this is the section that would have been in the History of Haskell paper if they had done a Yhc section :)

Include the transition from CVS -> york Darcs -> haskell.org Darcs

Portability Concerns

Author: Tom

Why portability is such a concern, details of our ports system. Include our scons architecture, buildbot system etc. Mention that Yhc runs under Hugs, and indeed some of the developers use Hugs.

Wacky Features

Author: All

When you don't spend all the time on wacky type systems, you get a lot more time left to work on Wacky other stuff. Include Java interpetter, .NET back end, Javascript back end, Python interpretter, Hat debugging, yhi-stack, whole program optimisation. Lots of these things are breeding grounds for various useful technologies, and most are marching towards genuine usefulness.

Why the front end must die, Libraries for All

Author: Neil/Tom

Our thoughts on the future, kill the front end and turn everything into a library. Keep the compiler light weight,


Author: Neil (with bits from Matt, Dimitry)

Why Yhc.Core is so very important, a list of the projects that use it. Why Yhc Core is better than GHC Core - i.e. the only option left around.

Javascript Backend

Author: Dimitry

the ideas behind it, the Javascript FFI, browser compatability, the approach