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1 Obtaining Yhc

Either download a binary distribution, or compile it from source (see Yhc/Building). A binary distribution is probably easier, but there aren't any yet until the first release.

2 Setting the Package Path

The easiest way to use Yhc is to first set the YHC_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable to the root of the packages. <say how to do this, give an example>

3 Compiling Hello World

Take a sample file, HelloWorld.hs

=========== File HelloWorld.hs ===============
module Main where
main = putStrLn "Hello, World!\n"
$ yhc HelloWorld
$ yhi HelloWorld
Hello, World!

3.1 yhc

The yhc command takes a haskell source file, and generate a haskell bytecode file (extension, .hbc). The program always runs in make mode - so it will compile all requirements automatically.

3.2 yhi

The yhi command runs a haskell byte code file.

3.3 yhe

Yhe provides a Haskell 'command line' powered by Yhc. A gtk GUI also exists.