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Part of Yhc


Yhe is a command-line style tool in the vein of Ghci and Hugs. It consists of a command-line tool, yhe, and a GUI, Gyhe, written using Gtk2hs. It was mostly written by Mike Dodds.

Features of Gyhe:

  • Single and multi-line input
  • Cross-platform gui (works on Linux, Windows and MacOS)
  • Syntax-highlighting of input with gtksourceview widget

1 Trying Gyhe

Gyhe is still very much alpha software - if you need a stable haskell command-line gui, I'd suggest you use WinHugs. That said, if you want to try Gyhe:

  • Download the yhc-devel branch from darcs
  • Ensure that you have the development version of Gtk2hs installed.
  • Change directory to yhc-devel/src/interactive/
  • Run 'make gui'

...and the gyhe executable should be created in yhc-devel/inst/bin/. Any comments or patches you have would be welcome.

2 Screenshots


3 Todo List

Sensible short-term aims:

  • Add lazy evaluation - currently we only get a result after the program terminates
  • Add file URI support to link to a file and load a text editor. Currently waiting for parsable error messages from the Yhc developers.
  • Fix the makefile to detect the sourceview widget - at the moment it is always off at compile-time

Less sensible longer-term aims:

  • Add clickable links into Hoogle
  • Handle drag-and-drop events from other processes
  • Add support for other compilers.
  • Windows version, like WinHugs, using native widgets.