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The following people (who've indicated to be listed publicly) are already registered for the FP Afternoon / ZuriHac 2013.

To register please fill in this form and we will add you to this table.

Name Affiliation FP Afternoon ZuriHac 2013
Thomas Schilling Erudify Yes Yes
Simon Hengel Wimdu GmbH Yes Yes
Mihaly Barasz Google Yes Yes
Sebastiaan Visser Silk Yes Yes
Erin Dahlgren Bump Technologies Yes Yes
David Himmelstrup Erudify Yes Yes
Gergely Risko Yes Yes
Marko Bencun Yes Yes
Bence Kodaj Yes Yes
Dominic steinitz Yes Yes
Simon Meier Erudify Yes Yes
Martijn van Steenbergen Q42 Yes Yes
Ivan Jovanovic Yes Yes
Luite Stegeman Yes Yes
Martin Geisler Yes Yes
Alexander Bernauer Google Yes Yes
Matthias Hueser ETH Zurich Yes No
Alexander Kosenkov Delta JS Yes Yes
Max Rietmann ETH Zürich Yes Yes
Tom Lokhorst Yes Yes
Sjoerd Visscher Q42 No Yes
Gregory Collins Google Yes Yes
Roman Cheplyaka Yes Yes
Gerolf Seitz Yes No
Daniel Kröni Yes No
Bas van Dijk Erudify Yes Yes
Adam Bergmark Silk Yes Yes
Erik Hesselink Silk Yes Yes
Marcin Baczyński Google Yes No
Thomas Arni Yes No
Michal Terepeta Yes Yes
Alex Sayers Yes Yes
Marcin Fatyga Google / Warsaw University Yes Yes
Matthias Hueser ETH Zurich Yes No
Gerolf Seitz Yes No
Daniel Kröni Yes No
Marcin Baczyński Google Yes No
Arni Yes No
Sjoerd Visscher Q42 No Yes
Jaroslaw Buryk Yes No
Jasper Van der Jeugt Erudify Yes Yes
Johan Georg Granström Google Yes No
Patrick Premont Tindr Solutions Yes Yes
Robin Palotai Google Yes Yes
Marc Fontaine Yes Yes
Fernando Serboncini Google Yes No
Tymur Porkuian Yes Yes
Daniel Strebel University of Zurich Yes No
Robin Krom Yes Yes
Ian-Woo Kim CERN Yes Yes
Cedric Staub ETH Zurich Yes No
Wael Al Jishi Google Yes No