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* Gleb Peregud
* Gleb Peregud
* Felipe Zapata

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These are some of the projects that ZuriHac 2014 attendees will be working on:


1 Aeson


  • Bas van Dijk (Faster JSON encoder)

2 Scion / Lambdachine

  • Thomas Schilling

3 Hakyll


  • Jasper van der Jeugt
  • David Wagner

4 Haskell: the Gathering

Implementation of Magic: the Gathering in Haskell. We will work on the rules engine, card implementations (both in Haskell) and the web client (TypeScript/HTML). Help is welcome in all three areas.

  • Martijn van Steenbergen

5 T-Digest

Persistent implementation of the T-Digest ( quantile estimation data structure, for use in ekg.

  • Johan Tibell

6 Nomyx

Nomyx is a game where you can change the rules while playing:

  • Corentin Dupont (I'll work on new features and bugs . Help/advices are welcome :))

7 Snap


  • Alfredo Di Napoli - I have in mind a couple of interesting features I would like to see in snap.

8 Hackage


  • Ian Ross (tags interface)
  • Alp Mestanogullari (most likely a nice statistics page)

9 GHC bug squashing

I plan to fix a few random GHC bugs and I’m more than happy to guide GHC-newbies in doing the same.

  • Joachim Breitner
  • Lorenzo Tabacchini

10 Oauth-provider


  • Gerolf Seitz (I would like to have a RFC / code-review on oauth-provider)

11 Math Symbols in Diagrams

I'd like to be able to label diagrams with mats symbols and fonts: There has been some discussion of this on #diagrams and I need to write up an approach. NB I have used diagrams a lot but never hacked on the package itself.

  • Dominic Steinitz
  • David Wagner

12 Propellor


  • David Wagner (I would like to add monit support to propellor).

13 Rest

We have recently open sourced our rest framework which Erik Hesselink gave a presentation about at last years ZuriHac. It provides a declarative way to define REST resources (rest-core) which can be used to run the api on different web servers (rest-happstack, rest-snap) and to automatically generate clients for different languages along with documentation and usage examples (rest-gen). We want to write introductory materials to get people started. We'd appreciate help and we'd be happy to sit down with anyone wanting to get started with rest.

  • Adam Bergmark (I'll make a tutorial out of the rest-example blog application)
  • Erik Hesselink
  • Sebastiaan Visser

14 Erlang Interpreter in Haskell

This is my learning project for Haskell, and since I come from Erlang background I have chosen to combine both things into one.

  • Gleb Peregud
  • Felipe Zapata