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When: Friday 29th of May 2015 - Sunday 31st of May 2015
Hours: 09:00 ~ 20:00
Where: Google, Zurich, Switzerland

Talk by Edward Kmett.jpg Edward Kmett!

ZuriHac 2015 is in preparation. Registration is not yet open. Thank you for your understanding.

Switzerland has its own power sockets. We can't provide converters for everybody so make sure to bring one along. Do note that the Europlug will fit in a Swiss power socket.



On the last weekend of May 2015, the Haskell Meetup group will organize ZuriHac 2015, a three day Haskell Hackathon hosted at the Google offices.

This is the fourth Haskell Hackathon in Zurich. The previous three were ZuriHac2014, ZuriHac2013, and ZuriHac2010.

The Haskell Hackathon is an international, grassroots collaborative coding festival with a simple focus: build and improve Haskell libraries, tools, and infrastructure.

This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Haskellers in real life, find new contributors for your project, improve existing libraries and tools or even start new ones!

This year, we want to have a special focus on beginners. During the whole event there will be beginners' mentors on site who you can directly approach at any time with any Haskell-related question you might have. Also, we will be having introductory talks for beginners, focusing on conveying experience that cannot simply be gathered by reading books or blog posts.



Google Switzerland hosts the Hackathon.


10th of February 15
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4th of March 15
Registration is open


Please fill out this form and wait for a confirmation email before booking. http://goo.gl/forms/L24NgFRvCw

The event can host around 90 persons. We will confirm registrations at a first come first served basis.


There will be a list of people who have signed up for ZuriHac 2015.



Zurich, Switzerland

Here is a map with map with all important locations.

To learn more about the city, please see the Wikipedia and Wikitravel articles.

See here for public transport in the Zurich area.

A note on day tickets:

Day tickets in Zurich run for 24 hours and can be used on all forms of transport, bus, train, tram.

If you arrive via airplane, please note that the airport is outside of the zone 10, which only covers the city of Zurich itself. Since zone 10 counts double, you will need a ticket for 3 zones then.

You can buy tickets from the ticket machines.


We recommend the following accommodation options:


The schedule has not yet been fixed. It will look roughly as follows.


Hacking hours: 10:00 to 18:00.


Please come before 11:00. At 11:00 there will be projects introduction and discussion.

Talk at 17:00

Speaker: Edward Kmett.


Doors open at 10:00.

BBQ at Lake Zurich

If weather permits, then we'll have a BBQ at the Lake near Wollishofen.


Doors open at 10:00.


On the afternoon participants will give short five-minute talks about the work that they have done on the Hackathon.


See the projects page.

IRC, Twitter

The main communication channel during the Hackathon will be our IRC channel: #zurihac at Freenode.

#zurihac is our Twitter/Google+ hashtag as well.


The events are organized in name of the Zurich Haskell meetup group by the following people:

  • Gleb Peregud (Google)
  • Alexander Bernauer (Google)
  • Johan Tibell (Google)
  • Simon Meier (IBM Research)