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A good way to learn more about Haskell and exchange ideas is to get together with like-minded Haskellers and tackle an interesting project or get familiar with some of the open-source projects in the Haskell community like GHC, cabal, or one of the many libraries on Hackage.

This page serves as a meeting place for Haskellers that are looking for other Haskellers to work on a common project. Feel free to add your project or your name to a project below as it was done for ZuriHac 2014.

List of Projects

Project Name Contact Name Project Licence Project Home Page
LambdaCube 3D Csaba Hruska, Péter Diviánszky BSD3 lambdacube3d.com
Gipeda performance dashboard Joachim Breitner MIT GitHub
fficxx Haskell-C++ FFI generator Ian-Woo Kim BSD3 GitHub HomePage
Cabal & Hackage hacking Duncan Coutts BSD3 Cabal and Hackage
FRP games Ivan Perez BSD3


darcs/darcsden Ganesh Sittampalam GPL http://darcs.net
Cloud Haskell Mathieu Boespflug, Alexander Vershilov BSD3 http://haskell-distributed.github.io/
learn (+document) Debian Packaging of Haskell stuff Thomas Koch (thkoch) --- https://wiki.debian.org/Haskell
in-memory data type compression for GHC Gabor Greif (irc:heisenbug) --- https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/summer-of-code/ticket/1669


Just find people who want to do keysigning and do it:

  • Thomas Koch (thkoch)
  • (bazzle)