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For too long, the feline programming community has been restricted to imperative languages. Kittehs have been mewing, nay yowling, for a chance to use the paradigm of the future: functional programming.

And now their time has come. For I am pleased to announce the foundation of the Catskell project. My intention is, in the spirit of LOLCODE to create a feline friendly language which provides the core functionality of a pure functional language. Which might be suspiciously like Haskell if you happen to look at it closely enough . . . And when it is done, I will have proved that I am not just a any old nerd, but a nerd who is a friend to kittehs everywhere.


And no, this is no joke. In technical terms, what I intend to do is to:

  • Define a language which corresponds with core Haskell and its basic types (atomic types, algebraic types, list), monads (including the IO monad) and basic library functions (folds, map, filter, list manipulation)
  • Write a translator, which will convert Catskell code into Haskell, allowing it to be compiled and executed
  • (If I’m feeling really brave) An interpreter like GHCI


So there. Work has already begun. If you want to take part, get in touch, and we will see what we can do.