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I have written a System.FilePath module in part based on the one in Yhc, and in part based on the one in Cabal (thanks to Lemmih). The aim is to try and get this module into the base package, as FilePath's are something many programs use, but its all too easy to hack up a little function that gets it right most of the time on most platforms, and there lies a source of bugs.

This module is Posix (Linux) and Windows capable - just import System.FilePath and it will pick the right one. Of course, if you demand Windows paths on all OS's, then System.FilePath.Windows will give you that (same with Posix). Written in Haskell 98 + Hierarchical Modules.

If you go to the haddock page there are a few little examples at the top of the file.

The Yhc project, hquickfile and a few other utilites are already using this module succesfully.

Version 1.0 release

Finally, here is a System.FilePath 1.0 release! The FilePath library is a library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way on both Windows and Unix. This version will be included in GHC 6.6.1 and all future major Haskell compilers.


  • There are no longer Version_0_10 interfaces - the interface is now stable, please use System.FilePath.
  • The library is now "filepath", not "FilePath"